Innovative Presentation Award

With conferences moving into the virtual space since spring 2020, we have seen many new formats of presentations, new approaches taken and technological possibilities explored.

The first winner of the EMS Innovative Presentation Award is Alice Portal (University of Milano-Bicocca and Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique/IPSL) with her video-presentation Predictions of the boreal winter stratosphere with the C3S multi-model seasonal forecast system, a dynamic and grasping video that combines recorded drawings, easy-to-understand figures and a clear verbal communication by Alice herself on screen to tell the story.

We Announce the Innovative Presentation Award

We will reward the most innovative pre-recorded virtual presentation in terms of its communicative power and scientific quality. The goal of this new presentation award is to highlight the new opportunities to communicate scientific content – also to non-specialists of the presented topic - using them to enthuse, inspire, explain the subject and results. Eligible for the award are first authors of all pre-recorded presentations that have been uploaded to the conference page until one week prior to the conference. Details on uploading display material will follow.

Communication criteria:

  • Intuitive structure, grasping presentation
  • Attractive graphical and audio elements
  • Clear and concise (text)
  • Innovative use of technologies

Scientific aspects:

  • Scientific quality
  • Potential impacts of the results
  • Innovativeness of the approach

Only presentations which satisfy the communication criteria will be taken into consideration for the evaluation from a scientific point of view. The winner receives a registration fee waiver for the EMS Annual Meeting 2022, and the presentation is highlighted on the EMS website as an innovative example.

A selection committee of 5 senior scientists is established. The composition of the committee for EMS2021 is as follows:

  • Marie Doutriaux-Boucher (chair, EUMESAT)
  • Branislava Lalic (University of Novi Sad, Serbia)
  • Mendy van der Vliet (VanderSat; The Netherlands; Outstanding Poster Award winner 2019)
  • Jordi Mercader (ACAM, Spain)
  • Dan Suri (MetOffice, United Kingdom)

Regulations for the Innovative Presentation Award at EMS2021, online

1) Participation:

To participate in the innovative presentation award competition, authors need to sign up for the participation online. The corresponding link will be available in the letter of schedule.

Deadline to sign up for participation is 22 August 2021. Corresponding display material must be uploaded by 29 August 2021.

2) Eligibilty:

  • Authors have to be first author AND presenting author AND contact author of the relevant abstract.
  • Authors have to upload the presentation as display material to the EMS2021 conference page until 29 August 2021.
  • Authors can participate with exactly 1 presentation.

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