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The EMS Annual Meeting 2021 was attended by 549 participants from 43 countries. We thank all of you for your attendance and your active contributions to this virtual event. We would be delighted to welcome you back at the EMS Annual Meeting 2022, planned to be held 5-9 September 2022 at the University of Bonn, Germany.

Thank you to all who participated in the feedback survey. Browse the results here.

Innovative Presentation Award 2021

The first winner of the EMS Innovative Presentation Award is Alice Portal (University of Milano-Bicocca and Laboratoire de Météorologie Dynamique/IPSL) with her video-presentation Predictions of the boreal winter stratosphere with the C3S multi-model seasonal forecast system, a dynamic and grasping video that combines recorded drawings, easy-to-understand figures and a clear verbal communication by Alice herself on screen to tell the story. (more information)

EMS2021 programme and presentation upload

Display material could be uploaded until 30 September 2021. Please visit the uploaded material.

Future science café outcomes

EMS2021 Focus

Weather and climate research and services for the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals: a decade left for action

The European meteorological and climatological community can play a significant role in promoting the achievement of the 2030 Agenda. As additional focus, the EMS2021 aims to be a platform to show and debate synergies and co-benefits of a coherent implementation of climate action and sustainable development objectives across all levels and sectors.

With the abstract submission authors were asked to indicate to which of the SDGs their work is relevant. Find out more

The Sustainable Development Goals icons and colour wheel are used as per SDG guidelines.

Country Number
Germany 131
United Kingdom 46
Italy 39
Spain 36
Switzerland 36
France 27
Netherlands 24
Austria 20
Norway 20
Finland 19
Czechia 12
Denmark 11
United States of America 11
Hungary 10
Poland 10
Ireland 9
Slovenia 9
Croatia 8
Greece 8
Russian Federation 8
Belgium 6
Bulgaria 6
Canada 4
Sweden 4
Turkey 4
China 3
Singapore 3
Slovakia 3
Australia 2
Brazil 2
India 2
Indonesia 2
Portugal 2
Romania 2
Sebia 2
Argentina 1
Chile 1
Israel 1
Jersey 1
Latvia 1
New Zealand 1
Paraguay 1
Taiwan 1

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